Terms & Figures About Cascina Desderi

Cascina Desderi, including Villa Desderi, abbreviated CD (both units). It is not possible to book CD via internet or any booking chains. A booking can be requested through CD’s website per email or by phone. All reservations are on a request basis only.

  • Email:
  • Landline: + 39 0141 293103
  • Private landline: + 39 0141 293183
  • Mobile: + 39 347 0434 588

Rates for 2016

€ 80.00 per person per night, in a shared double/twin room, including breakfast, IVA and Italian hotel tax.

As per 2016, the 25 beds of CD is distributed as follows

Cascina Desderi – first floor:
Barbera, apartment appx. 100 kvm, 2 bedrooms and 2 baths ensuite. Number Of beds: 4
Cortese, adjacent to Barbera with 1 bedroom and bath ensuite. Number Of beds: 2
Dolcetto, suite with livingroom and 1 bedroom with bath ensuite. Number Of beds: 2

Cascina Desderi – ground floor:
Brachetto, livingroom* with 2 bedrooms, each with a bath ensuite. Number Of beds: 5
Moscato, adjacent to Brachetto – 1 bedroom and bath ensuite. Number Of beds: 2

Villa Desderi – La Villa – first floor:
Camera Viola, junior suite with a glass bath in the room. Number Of beds: 3
Camera Blu – junior suite with bath ensuite. Number Of beds: 2

Villa Desderi – La Villa – ground floor:
Camera Terra Cotta – junior suite, private entrance, bath ensuite. Number Of beds: 3
Camera Verde – large double room with bath ensuite. Number Of beds: 2

Total 25 beds.

All rooms/units, must be considered suites, apartments or junior suites, with the exception of two rooms that are somewhat smaller. These rooms indicated above with one or two stars – * or **.

* = This room is used as a single room, with a sofa bed in the living room. The bath is shared with the Brachetto bedroom II. The rooms have a joint corridor, from which the door to the bath is located.

** = A large double room also used as a handicap room, something CD is obliged to have by EU laws. Wider doors and a special WC, shower and washbasin. Except from the bathroom, the room gives not an impression of being equipped for handicapped.

When booking a group, CD is not differentiating between the various types of rooms/units/suites/apartments/junior suites. The per person price is the same regardless of room type. It is up to the group leaser to distribute the participants, of course is close collaboration with CD.


There are mostly groups at CD. Wine clubs, jubilees, companies, birthdays and weddings make up 90% of the capacity. This is the main reason for not featuring a booking portal on the web site, as we are continuously monitoring the total booking picture to evaluate if individuals will block for groups.

Special programs for groups

CD offers tailor made programs for all kinds of groups; being a basic arrangement a la bed & breakfast or a program that consists of everything – an all-inclusive-package. Transfers, excursions with guide (in Norwegian or English), visits to wine producers and vineyards, wine tasting, winemaker lunches and dinners as well as theme- and wedding parties. After having evaluated a requested program, or CD offers a proposed program with all inclusions specified, a price offer will be made. Upon accepting the price and program, CD will block space for the group. (If the group exceeds 25 persons, we will use a hotel in the village of Quarto – five minutes by car or a 20 minutes’ walk between the vines).

Deposits and Payment

After the booking has been blocked and confirmed, the customer has two weeks – 14 days – to pay the deposit. If no other agreements have been agreed upon, a deposit invoice of 1/3 of the amount will be mailed. If a program is priced at € 600, thus € 200 is due. The balance, 2/3 of the total amount, is due one month prior to arrival. Neither deposit nor final balance is refundable. The reason being: CD receives its bookings and reservations from half a year to two to three years prior. If a group cancels, it is virtually impossible to replace it. CD has a short season – normally from Easter until November – so during this half year the fundament is laid for the entire year. Please note: CD will never ask for a deposit beyond the current calendar year, which means that the deposit will be paid the year the services are rendered. Most commonly a deposit invoice will be mailed out in January/February for arrangements pertaining to the period from April through October.
Payment: Normally – if not otherwise informed – the deposit and final amount is paid to CD’s account in the Norwegian bank DNB, in Oslo, Norway. The rates are always offered in Euro and are deposited into CD’s EUR account in DNB.


Free and open wifi in designated areas on the farm. Not access from all the rooms.

Information about the farm and buildings

CD is per definition an “agriturismo”, a farm that has a license granted by the municipality of Asti and by the Piedmont Region, to offer accommodation to a maximum of 25 in the farm buildings. The main occupation has to be that of agriculture – growing of vines and grapes – while the tourism is secondary. An agriturismo is subject to many of the same strict rules as hotels and restaurants. Among them VAT, in Italian IVA, is being differentiated. According to the law of accommodation, CD is subject to report all guests staying at the premises to the local police within 12 hours after arrival. Information that is only available in a passport, is what is required in this reporting.


As an agriturismo, CD is subject to serve 80% Piedmontese dishes and must follow the guidelines set by the region of Piedmont. These guidelines are, however, also subject to interpretations. Piedmont was historically part of the Savoia Kingdom, with strong French influences for hundreds of years. Consequently CD can stretch the Piedmont restrictions to include elements of the French Savoia cuisine. CD offers some signature courses of this “Piedmont-Savoia fusion”.


A typical Italian breakfast consists of a cup of coffee, a Brioche and a sweet cake. This is not what a Scandinavian palate regards as a real breakfast, so CD also includes bread, cold cuts and cheeses as well as marmalade and juice. Breakfast is included in the room rate, if not otherwise informed.

Lunch and Dinner

In most of the “program packages” the meals are included, and if not otherwise stated, some wine is also included in the meal. A typical arrival dinner, consists of 3-4 dishes accompanied by 3-4 glasses of wine. A typical wine maker dinner at CD consists of 5-7 courses and is accompanied by 3-4 glasses of wine.

Gala, birthday and wedding dinners

4 courses: € 70 – Wine included: 3 types of wine / 5-6 glasses per person
5 courses: € 80 – Wine included: 4 types of wine / 6-7 glasses per person
6 courses: € 90 – Wine included: 5 types of wine / 7-8 glasses per person
7 courses: € 100 – Wine included: 5 types of wine + spumante, 8-10 glasses per person

The menus are composed and decided in advance.


If one or more participants of the group have allergies or intolerance and must have special menus and treatments, CD has to be made aware of this in advance. If this creates an extra burden for the kitchen or separate food and ingredients have to be purchased, CD reserves the right to present a surcharge.

Children and age

CD considers a stay at a vineyard, an adult experience. Thus children under the age of 16 are not welcome at the farm. Of course, if a group books and occupies the entire farm, then children are allowed as they will not disturb other guests.


Transport between airports and CD is operated either by taxi (not exceeding 5 passengers), a van (for small groups not exceeding 8 persons), minibus (9-16 persons) and a coach for groups exceeding 16 persons. The driver will be meeting the group in the arrival hall. The group leader will receive the driver’s telephone number in advance, and call and advice the whereabouts when all luggage has been received and collected. Then the group is directed to the waiting taxi, van or bus. The transfer time from Linate and Malpensa is an hour and a half, and is to be driven without stop. Bergamo takes two hours or more, and a surcharge will be added to the invoice as all rates are based on arrival and departure from Malpensa and Linate.


The excursions are operated by minibus or coach with microphones and audio equipment. The tours are guided in Norwegian by one of the farmers at CD. At peak times, CD reserves the right to make use of English speaking local guides. The restaurants selected for the excursions are all of high quality, normally with some wine included. The Italians have a different dress code than most visitors from the high North, so the participants are encouraged to follow the Italian dress code. When in Rome, etc…

Cancellation Insurance

As neither deposit nor final balance are refundable, it is strongly recommended to contact an insurance company, or establish if one’s current Home and Travel Insurance covers a possible cancellation.